Important Links and Usernames

Google Classroom class entry codes can be found here:
1/2A yda8l91
5/8A  76k6ct
10/11A 5sf5sjr

1/2B 4dt208u
5/8B  z88f8i
10/11B adqhdk1

Stemscopes can be logged into from here.  Your username and password are the same as the ones you use for Google and your Chromebook, except put "MPS22" before your username. (For example if your username on your Chromebook is SmithX, for Stemscopes your username is MPS22SmithX)

To play Kahoot, we will go to kahoot.it but to create a kahoot, you will have to use https://getkahoot.com/. You will have to create your own username and password, so use the same one as stemscopes with an MPS22 before your username.

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