Welcome to 8th grade science!

Hello! Welcome to the eighth grade! Science class should be educational, safe, and fun for all students. In order to accomplish this, please bring the following items every day:
Your Chromebook
Your Chromebook charger
A pen or pencil

Grades are determined by:
Quarterlies (10%)

When grading, I use points instead of percentages. An assignment that is worth “50 points” is worth half as much as a “100 point” test. A typical marking period has 500 points. 8th graders are expected to produce quality work in a timely fashion. Assignments may be submitted late but points may be deducted.

Assignments will be available on  Google Classroom, which is updated regularly. In the event of an absence it is your responsibility to find out what you missed, make it up, and hand it in promptly upon your return.  Assignments are always started in class, anything not completed in school is expected to be completed at home.

Frequently being late, unprepared, or demonstrating disrespectful, immature, or unsafe behavior will not be tolerated. This will result in detentions and calls/e-mails home.

Finally, I am almost always available at lunchtime and/or before school if you need help or additional time to work on an assignment. If you need help, see me before something is due, not after.

Mr. Mason