Marking Period 1 Extra Credit

Chemistry is hard! As a result, there are many extra credit opportunities in the first marking period.  Currently:

1. Using any of the textbooks in my room (you may take one home if needed) create a 25 question Kahoot quiz.   Go to create.kahoot.it to begin. Your questions should be challenging, but easy enough that an 8th grader can figure them out.

2. Attend family engineering night on October 28th or October 29th. This form must be turned in to me by Friday, October 16th.  

3. Join the Thorne STEM club which meets every Wednesday starting October 21st from 2:45-3:30 in room 119. You will get to build an underwater robot!

4. Perform "The Elements Song!"

More opportunities for extra credit will be announced soon!


8th grade Science expectations

Please bring the following items every day:
1.) Your Chromebook
2.) Your assignment pad
3.) A pen or pencil
4.) Any homework that may have been assigned

Grades are determined by: 

Grades in Science class are tabulated by points, not percentages. For example, a lab that is worth “50 points” is worth half as much as a “100 point” test.  A typical marking period has approximately 500 points. If you are absent during an assignment that cannot be made up, like an experiment, missing these points does not count against you.  

Projects and major grades will be accepted late but penalized 10-20%. Work can always be e-mailed to me (masonmi@middletownk12.org) in the event of printer problems. In the event of an absence, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed, make it up, and hand it in promptly upon your return. If you missed a test or a project that was announced before your absence, you are expected to be ready upon your return.

Frequently being late, unprepared, or demonstrating disrespectful, immature, or unsafe behavior will not be tolerated. This will result in detentions and calls/e-mails home. 

Finally, Mr. Halloran and I are almost always available at lunchtime and/or after school if you need help or additional time to work on an assignment. If you need help, let us know before something is due, not after.


Welcome to MrMason.info!

This is the website I use to post information about class. 

On the right side of the screen there are three buttons- Print, Class Notes, and 8th grade Science Hall of Fame

Print will allow you to print from any school computer to my classroom.

Class Notes is all of the work and instructions that are handed out in class. if you ever lose anything you may print out whatever pages you need (at home or during lunch/after school) from this button.

Science Hall of Fame will be a list of who does the best in all of our engineering challenges throughout the year.