End of Year Work

Past Present Future of Technology Sheet

Wall-E Essay topics

Rock Cycle instructions

Becoming a Scientist Sheet

(A Day only)  read Chapter 1 “The Energy of Waves” in the Sound and Light textbook and define the ”terms to learn” on pages  4,10, and 14 and the “section review” questions  on pages 9, 13, and 19.  They should also complete the  “chapter view” questions on page 24, numbers  1-17, 19-21.


The Hardest Science Test Ever

The instruction sheet for the Hardest Science Test ever can be found here. 

The pages from the textbook you need can be found here:
Cells, Heredity, and Classification chapter 7
Introduction to Matter Chapter 3


Welcome to MrMason.info!

This is the website I use to post important information, homework assignments, projects, and notes. All of this information will appear right here, with the newest post appearing at the top.

On the right side of the screen there are four buttons- Google Drive, Parent Portal, print, and Notes.
Google Drive will frequently be used to create documents.
Parent Portal is what Middletown Schools use to post grades. You can login to check them at any time.
Print- will allow you to print from any school computer to my classroom.
Notes will be all of the work that is handed out in class. Because I expect you to keep an organized notebook, if you ever lose anything you may print out whatever pages you need (at home or during lunch/after school) from this button.

I encourage you to bring any ipads, laptops, tablets, etc that you and your parents would like to bring into class. However, you must fill out a permission slip and bring it into the office. It can be found here:
"Bring your own device" permission slip

For today's assignment, please get the letter from me signed and returned by next class. If you need an extra copy, it can be printed out from here.