This Week in Science and Tech

Complete a new This week in Science and This week in Tech using the information below.  The sheet can be found here: This Week in Science and Tech

For this week in science, go here: 

For this week in technology, go here: 

If you finish early, try some of the following physics games:

Cargo Bridge

Cargo Bridge 2

Bridge craft


Student teachers

Finish your lesson plan and research.   Next class you will practice your lessons in front of a small group so everything should be done by then.  

-If you need me to make any copies,  e-mail it to me (masonmi@middletownk12.org) or leave me a master copy on my desk with your name and period number written on it.  

-If you need me to get any supplies together, either write it down on the sheet on my desk or e-mail your request to me before your presentation. 


iPad tornado sheet

The iPad tornado sheet from class is here.
Here are the links to help you on the iPad tornado sheet:

For questions 7-9: http://www.usatoday.com/weather/wfujidef.htm

For questions 10-11. the youtube video

For questions 12-13. http://www.nssl.noaa.gov/education/svrwx101/tornadoes/

When you finish, try the app "StormStruck". Can you storm proof your house?

The wind map we looked at changes constantly, but it can be found at: http://hint.fm/wind/


Media Center Sketchup Challenge

With one partner, one meter stick, one calculator, and one computer, build the most accurate and best looking replica of the Media Center in Google Sketchup.  When you finish, screen shot your design from a few different angles into a Google Doc.


This week in Science/Tech

Complete a new This week in Science and This week in Tech using the information below.  The sheet can be found here: This Week in Science and Tech.


Live data of earthquakes

Check out http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/ and Earthquake map to see the most recent Earthquakes around the world.  Where are most of them?


Seaperch competition

Middletown is seeking a few  students to compete in the 2015 SeaPerch Challenge at Rowan University on April 18th.  Students will have to commit to a few 45 minute after school meetings from 2:45-3:30 every Wednesday.

If you are interesting in joining the team, please get a permission slip from your science teacher. If you make the team, I will give you extra credit and Mason Dollars.
Here is a video of a SeaPerch Robot in action.


Earthquake project: presentation

Directions: discuss with your group how to best present your information.  You will be presenting alongside your group members, however this is an individual grade.

Your group should address the following points:
What was the affected area like before the earthquake hit?

What caused the earthquake? What was the destruction like?

What relief efforts are underway?

What can be done to make sure earthquakes never devastate again?

Individually, you should each answer in your presentation: How can [your job] in [your area] help people [before, during, or after] an earthquake?


You do not have to use this format, however a template is available for Google Presentation here.


"How do different groups of people work together to do the right thing before, during, and after an Earthquake?"

This is an individual project, however you will be sharing information with two different groups- one will have the same country as you, another will have the same job as you.  You will also be presenting your work to the class so that they can take notes for an open note test.

The project sheets can be found here.

If you find any good links or sources of information, paste them into the comment section below for extra credit. Include your first name, last initial  the link, and an short explanation of what the link is.


Paper Bag Plate Tectonics

The instructions for the Plate Tectonic Paper Bag Puppet Show.  There is no page length, I am looking for your skit to explain the information within your articles in an interesting way.  The poster should have 3 short facts about your article written in large clear letters.

(articles): Pangaea  Plate Tectonics  Lystrosaurus  Pangaea Ultima  Alfred Wegener Biography