The Wall-E analysis sheet can be found here.

All work is due by June 19th.


Becoming a Scientist

The becoming a scientist worksheet can be found here. It also contains the list of different types of science and scientists.

The links you need are:
Question 5-7: www.monster.com
Question 10: http://goo.gl/MmpXhB
Question 12: High School North course list

Scientists do not look like this:

They look like you.

SCIENCE                                                                      SCIENTIST
Agricultural scientists  (farming)                   
Astronomy (space)                                                     Astronomer
•          Astrophysicists  (how things in space move)
Biology (study living things)
•          Botanists (plants)
•          Geneticists  (inheritance)
•          Marine biologists  (water life)
•          Microbiologists (small life)
•          Neuroscientists (brain)
•          Nutritionist (eating)
•          Inorganic chemists (nonliving)
•          Organic chemists (living)
•          Physical chemists  (how matter interacts)
Earth science (study of earth)
•          Geologists  (study of physical earth)
•          Meteorologists (study of weather)
•          Oceanographers (study of ocean)
•          Seismologists (study of earthquakes)
Engineering  (design and building)
·      Chemical engineering (create  chemicals)
•          Civil engineering (design buildings, bridges)
•          Electrical engineering (study  electricity)
•          Mechanical engineering (design  machines)
Forensics (scientific tests of crimes)                  •   Forensic Scientist
Physiciss  (movement of matter)
•          Applied physicists (how things actually move)


8th grade end of year information

Students were given permission slips today (Friday, May 30th) for the 8th grade Swim Club, which will be June 11th.  Students must hand in 3-2-1 contracts and the permission slip.  Students will be able to ice skate as well as swim, ice skates will be available at no cost for rental.  We need 10 parents to chaperone, if you are interested please contact Mrs. Knouse.

June 12th will be the 8th grade Luau from 6:30-9:00 P.M. You do not have to dress in Luau themed clothes.

Yearbooks will be handed out June 17th at lunch. The 8th grade yearbook signing picnic will be held immediately afterwards, students are encouraged to bring in towels/blankets to sit on.

Graduation will be June 25th- students must be at High School South at 2:00 PM (we do have school beforehand until 12:30, during which graduation practice will be held). Students may not wear flip flops or sneakers. Graduates may get four tickets per family, extra tickets are available on a first come first serve basis, if you would like extras please write a note to the main office and hand it into the office as soon as possible.

Diplomas will be handed out the following day on June 26th in school.  Fines must be paid before this day to receive diplomas.

8th grade DVDs will be on sale at the end of the year and at graduation. Price is still to be announced.


This week in Science

DIRECTIONS: The following pictures show what breakthroughs in science and technology occurred last week. Choose one topic from "this week in science" and one topic from "this week in technology" to
research and fill out this sheet.

A bigger version of "This week in technology" can be found here.
Some of you started this assignment using last week's "This Week in Technology" image. It can be found here.

Images from www.weeklyscience.com and http://www.reddit.com/r/futurology


Past/Present/Future of Tech

The Past, Present, Future of tech assignment can be viewed here. here. Post your assignment on your blog (or if you don't have one, a Google Doc and share with masonmi).


World Without Light Projects

The World Without Light projects can be presented in any format you choose.  Choose a biome and discuss how that area would be different with no sunlight and how we would have to adapt to life there.
The instructions, rubric, and FAQs can be found here.

You may want to checkout the biosphere 2 project- where people built indoor biomes.
http://b2science.org/  or http://b2science.org/visitor/campus/guidetour


science fiction stories

Write a science fiction story about how you feel about one of the following themes:

"Nature vs. Nurture"
"Genetic Engineering"
"Genetic Disorders"

There is no minimum length however your story must include a plot, characters, conflict, theme, and setting, as well as whether or not your topic is ethical or not.

Login at www.blogger.com. Your username is thorne14 first name last initial  (example: thorne14johnd) and your password is the same as the school password. This is due for B day students on Friday, May 16th and for A day students on Wednesday, May 21st. 


8th grade end of year information

The 3-2-1 Rule is now in effect for 8th graders.  Students were given the form during gym and elective classes last week and they are due back as soon as possible to Mr. Mason or Mrs. Knouse. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Olausen or Mr. Smith in the main office.

The 8th grade T-shirt order forms are due back to Mrs. Knouse by May 22nd. Small-XL shirts are $10, XXL are $11.50, XXXL shirts are $13.00.

Tentative dates for the 4th marking period:
May 27th: trip: Intrepid Class Trip
June 12th: Swim club trip
June 18th: Luau
June 20th-25th: Graduation practice
June 25th: Graduation

Extra copies of forms and permission slips are available from Mr. Mason and Mrs. Knouse.  All trips, activities, and purchases are optional.


Genetic Disorders

Choose a genetic disorder to research. Genome.gov has a list of genetic disorders as well as information on each one, however you may use other sources as well.

Design a pamphlet that includes… (50 points total)
- The name of the disorder
- How it affects the body
- How it is inherited
- Interested facts about the disorder
-pictures of a person with the disorder or another relevant graphic
- 8th grade effort
- Accurate information
- A works cited section that does not use any sources such  as answers.com, yahoo answers, etc.

If you are creating a hard copy, hand it in to Mr. Mason next class. If you are creating a digital copy, post your work or a link to your work on your blog before next class begins.

The instructions can be printed out here.